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The Church I See

Categories: Inspiration

Mark SmithThe Church I see is a vibrant Church – a Church which exudes the life of God, not in a superficial way, where it’s words and froth, but in a real way, with a tangible sense of God’s presence in every gathering. It’s a Church where the Holy Spirit empowers and enables people to reach their potential.

The Church I see is an attractive Church, where people are valued and creativity encouraged, where the best is sought, rather than a ‘that’ll do’ attitude. It’s a Church which presents the gospel in a way people can understand a relate to; it’s a Church which stands out as being up to date and relevant, using modern technology to stay ahead of the game, portraying God in all His splendour, power and authority. It’s a Church which grows day by day as people make Jesus Lord and Saviour. It’s a Church which equips, enables and releases.

The Church I see is not one which hides away in a corner; a clique for Christians, but is bold and confident, seeking ways to reach into every aspect of society to bring life and love to our communities. It is a Church which genuinely cares about ordinary people, not just to get them into Church, but to reach out unconditionally with God’s love and the good news of the saviour, Jesus. It is a Church which makes a difference in people’s lives, without judging or condemning, but demonstrating the love of God in deeds as well as in words.

The Church I see is passionate about God – desperate to worship and pray together, seeking every opportunity to express that passion and to share it, so that others can catch its contagious effects.

The Church I see is filled with people who get on with each other well and care for each other’s needs. It’s a Church which has unity and oneness of purpose, where individuals are generous toward each other, with good words as well as actions. It’s a Church where people resolve differences and respect each other, bearing with annoyances and seeking to build each other up.

The Church I see is a big one, growing healthily with new believers whose faith grows quickly, bringing strength, confidence and stability. It’s a Church which develops influence to transform our community, causing it to be a place where people love to belong.

Pastor Mark Smith, April 2014

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